Sigint Solutions


EMF Shielding Studies

Sigint Labs offers consultation and  technology based solutions to problems regarding electric and magnetic field radiation.
Through its co-operation with Y-Shield EMR Protection,  a manufacturer company that specializes in developing and producing electroconductive coatings and paints, for the protection of humans and technical equipment against electromagnetic radiation (EMR), Sigint Labs provides high level protection for both residential and commercial clients.

The service includes the following:
  1. EMF Testing & Measurement Surveys: This services is conducted in co-operation with Sigint Solutions ISO17025 Laboratory, and provides all the necessary information in regards to  electric and magnetic field sources in the space under study.
  2. EMF Shielding & Mitigation: The information gathered during the EMF Test and measaurement surveys are analysed in order to provide the EMF shielding report that outlines the possible solutions for shielding and mitigation of electric and magnetic fields. The solutions include techniques and materials for the reductions of the different frequencies of electromagnetic fields such as direct current (DC), alternatice current (AC) extremely low frequencies(ELF), very low frequencies(VLF),  radio frequencies(RF), and Microwave frequencies. A wide range of shielding materials, such as electroconductive paints, fabrics, foils, canopies, curtains, floor mats, are available for a number of applications.
  3. Project implementation and support: The solutions and shielding materials proposed in the EMF shielding report are implemented in co-operation with our network of electrical and builder contractors. Each project is supervised by our expert and higly trained EMF shielding technicians and engineers.
  4. Project Verification Survey: Following the implementation of the proposed solutions and shielding materials engineers from the Sigint Solutions ISO17025 Laboratory will conduct EMF measurements in the area under study and provide a comprehensive analytical assesment of the results of EMF shielding.