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C.A 43 Field Intensity Meter

ca43 field intensity meter
The C.A 43 field intensity meter offers an efficient solution to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), as it can be used to determine the emissivity of radiant equipment or to measure an ambient field in a sensitive environment.

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Pollution of the radio-electric environment is becoming more and more harsh, which leads to problems of malfunctioning in many types of electronic equipment, especially since the use of sequential logic and the development of microprocessors.

These modern techniques are used in practically all types of industrial equipment which makes them particularly sensitive to interference and electromagnetic disturbances. The C.A 43 Field Intensity Meter allows the user to measure these levels of disturbance.

Measurements are of two types :

  • Measurement of immunity: This measurement gives the value of the electromagnetic field in which equipment is located, in order to check that this field does not exceed the permitted limits in accordance with applicable standards.
  • Measurement of emissivity: This measurement gives the value of the electromagnetic field emitted by equipment which is switched ON, and consequently its class of electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with the applicable standard.

The C.A 43 is a small portable instrument that measures the electric field present in the atmosphere surrounding its measurement probe. This probe consists of an aerial combined with a high frequency detector. The wide passband of this unit enables the measurement of electrical fields from 0.1 V/m to 200 V/m for frequencies between 100 kHz and 2.5 GHz. The connection between the measurement probe and the base instrument is made via a socket which allows the measurement probe to be removed during transportation.

The use of microprocessors for measurement, calculations and management of the display makes the instrument simple to use and very accurate. The large LCD comprises a 2000 count digital display, a logarithmic 35-segment bargraph and a display of the different measurement symbols that provide easy reading for the user. The bi-directional digital output via optical fibre permits access to all data for printing and processing of measurements on an external processing unit. To allow you to do this, the EMIGRAPH software program is supplied as standard with the C.A 43 Fieldmeter.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 100kHz to 2.5GHz
  • Electric field Range: 0.1 to 200V/m
  • Power density: 0.1 to 2mW/cm2
  • 1ms peak measurement
  • Configurable alarm threshold
  • EF1 polarisation probe as standard
  • Memory function
  • Digital output of optical fibre(RS232)
  • EMIGRAPH software
  • Dimensions: 216 x 72 x 37mm - weight: 350g


EF2A isotropic probe
9V Battery\Shockproof holster