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C.A 42 LF Fieldmeter

ca42 lf fieldmeter
The C.A 42 fieldmeter is specially designed for measuring electric and magnetic fields in the low-frequency range (0Hz-400kHz) and comparing the values measured with the requirements of the European directives and international standards. They can be used in both public and private contexts, as well  electromagnetic compliance  tests of electrical equipment in industrial environments.

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The Chauvin Arnoux C.A42 LF Fieldmeter measures magnetic fields and currents and also compares its results to European standards, in order to see whether an appliance or installation is safe. The magnetic field meter uses four internal isotropic probes, and a single external probe, to detect and measure magnetic fields. It can measure frequencies of up to 30kHz (it can be extended up to 400kHz with the use of external magnetic field probes), and its readings are accurate to around 5%.

The electrical field meter is very easy to use thanks to its simple format and hand-held design. The buttons on the body of the device each have a single function, and are clearly labelled, in order to minimize confusion and error during use. The external probe is easy to disconnect when not in use or for storage purposes. When the Chauvin Arnoux C.A42 LF Fieldmeter has taken its readings, the results are displayed on the LCD backlit display, meaning your results are always easy to read, regardless of the lighting conditions.

The electric field meter is a pleasure to use as it weighs just 950g and measures 266 x 144 x 60 millimetres. The device requires NiMH batteries, and the battery life can last up to six hours.

Technical Features

  • Frequency Range: 0Hz to 400 kHz
  • International Standards: IEC, EN, DIN, VDE, BGV, ICNIRP, etc.
  • Display of Measurements: Absolute Values (V/m or T, multiples and sub-multiples) or Relative Values (%)
  • Surveillance mode by automatic recording
  • Display of Electric or Magnetic Field Variations as a Function of Time(Oscilloscope Function) or as a Function of the Frequency (FFT)
  • Internal Isotropic magnetic measurement probe (10Hz to 30kHz)



Oscilloscope function option
  • Representation of variations of the mean, RMS, or peak values in one of the 3 axes (x, y, or z) vs. time
  • Adjustable time base
  • Synchronization: level and polarity of triggering adjustable
  • "Hold" function with the use of an adjustable cursor
  • Zoom: increase of resolution by a factor between 20 and 40

Frequency analysis (FFT) option
  • Representation of the harmonic and non-harmonic components of the observed field, in mean, RMS, or peak value in one of the 3 axes (x, y, or z)
  • FFT calculated on 2048 points
  • Bandwidth to 3 dB down: 91 kHz (according to the probe)
  • Hold function with the use of an adjustable cursor
  • Zoom: increase of resolution by a factor of 8

External Isotropic probes

  • MF400 Magnetic field probe
  • MF400H Magnetic field probe (10Hz to 400kHz)
  • MF05 Magnetic field probe (0Hz to 500Hz)
  • EF400 Electric field probe (5Hz to 400kHz)