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OX6062 Portable Oscilloscope

ox6062e-c portable oscilloscope
Easy to handle, compact and lightweight, the OX60062 instrument combine the functions of a recorder-multimeter and an FFT analyzer

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The ergonomic anf particulary compact OX 6062 oscilloscope is also a "real-time" FFT analyser. With its two 300V-Cat.II measurement channels , it also offers up to 4 curves on screen.

With only 28 direct access keys with different modes and parameters, its ergonomics and its Windows-Like universal menus, available in 5 languages, the oscilloscope is extremely easy to use. Each of the keys on the front panel enables immediate selection or adjustment (time base, printing …)

When equipped with an SD Card, users can store all the data (reference curves, instrument settings, screenshots) up to 2 GB. Its adapter makes transferring data to a PC particularly simple.

The touch screen and its magnetised stylus also make it possible to access your settings directly on-screen using graphic elements that you can move, such as trace position, trigger level, cursors or zoom. A display zone at the bottom right of the screen constantly displays the current setting, e.g. the value of cursor 2.

In terms of performance, the OX 6062 instruments provide fast sampling and high resolution with their 10-bit / 1 Gs/s converter, sampling at 50 Gs/s on periodic signals, and 2 ns transient capture, which avoids under-sampling.

The 19 automatic measurements are displayed directly by pressing a key. For greater reliability and accuracy, a specific measurement zone can be selected by framing with the manual cursors that are accessed via a dedicated key or using the stylus on the touch screen.

Thanks to an Ethernet (10 MB transfer) interface and a Web server, the OX6062 oscilloscope provide new working tools that are very good value-for-money, such as printing in network printers, remote management and exchange of files on FTP server. In addition, your instrument can be constantly upgraded by free
downloading new functions on the support site.

Technical Specifications

  • Display: LCD with backlighting, 4 curves + 4 references.
  • Bandwidth: 60 MHz
  • Vertical resolution: 10-bit converter, 4-digit resolution
  • Vertical sensitivity: 2.5 mV to 10 V/div
  • Activation modes: Auto, Normal, One-shot, Auto level 50 %, CH1, CH2, EXT, LINE, Front, Pulse Width, TV Frame, TV Line, Hold-off
  • Multimeter: 2 channels, 8,000 counts + min/max bargraph, date-stamped recording
  • Other measurements: Resistance, continuity, capacitance, frequency, temperature, diode test.
  • Communication : local Ethernet, remote Ethernet, RS232 & USB
  • PC application software: "SX-Metro"


  • 2 1/1-1/10 Switchable Probes
  • 1 RS232 lead
  • 1 Cross-stapped Ethernet lead
  • Line cord
  • Instruction Manual