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HEG03 Stainless Steel Gauze

 heg03 stainless steel gauze
HEG03 is an extremely fine woven, noncorrosive stainlesssteel gauze for shielding of high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF).

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Typical application due to the thin filaments especially as flyscreen. In comparison to HEG10, due to the smaller mesh width, the shielding attenuation is better at high frequencies.

Technical Data

  • Width: 120 cm
  • Length: By the meter / 25 m roll
  • Attenuation: 40 dB at 1 GHz
  • Mesh width: 0.3 mm, wire diameter: 0.08 mm, material thickness: 0.16 mm, open area 62 %
  • Weight: 200 g/m²
  • Color: Silver
  • Fire-proof material, A1 according DIN 4102:1994
  • Surface conductivity: 0.03 ohm (square resistance R)

Material Handling

Grounding regulation
Only skilled electricians listed in the register of your electricity supplier are permitted to execute grounding measures! Pay attention to the following points: Protective measures against electric shock to DIN 57100/VDE 0100 part 410 + part 540, grounding to DIN/VDE 0100 part 410 + part 540, visual inspection and process testing to DIN/VDE 0100 part 610 part 4+5 and EMC to VDE 0100. Grounding measures are only permitted in TNS or TT networks! Grounding measures may never be executed in network forms with combined PEN wiring! A leakage/fault circuit breaker (FI/RCD) with less than 30 mA must be installed. Find more information on this in our grounding instructions sheet.

Grounding accessories
Due to the highly conductive surface this material can be contacted and grounded easy to shield low frequency (LF) electric fields. For professional grounding we recommend our grounding plug EST for self laying application, or an own grounding solution with the window frame.

Material Application

In case processing as flyscreen, the application is identical to that of a regular flyscreen in commercial tenter frames. In case processing the HEG03 under plaster you should work with a finest organic filler. Under the floor covering (laminate, parquet, PVC coating, etc.) the HEG03 is being fixed with the adhesive used for the floor covering. For drywall construction and in roof area the mesh elements can be bolt or stapled together. The rule is: Always overlapp the single elements at least 5 cm. For grounding use the perforated stainless steel tape ELB by screwing it right across the elements into the surface.