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ESW Plus Grounding Set

Complete set to ground wall shieldings direct in a CEE-7/4 power socket.

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The ESW Grounding set is used for shielding paints, fleeces, nettings, etc. in the interior. Like grounding set ESW, plus our grounding plug EPS for the connection to CEE-7/4 power sockets. The plug can be screwed together with the power socket cover mechanically stable.

Only for the following countries with CEE-7/4 power sockets: Afghanistan, Algeria, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Indonesia, Island, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, NetherlandsNorwayAustria, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Ukraine, Hungary;

Technical Data

  • Metal plate 80 x 80 x 3 mm with conductive fleece backside;
  • Screws, dowels / wall plugs ø 6 mm
  • Plug for CEE-7/4 power sockets
  • 3.5 mm screw to tightly fix the plug with the power socket
  • 4 cable fixers
  • 0.2 m cable 2.5 mm² with 2 grounding plugs (EK20)


Material Application

  1. Mounting at an easily accessible point, close to the final ground connection.
  2. Drill 6 mm holes. Make sure you do not drill cables in the proximity of power outlets and switches
  3. For shielding paints: Stick grounding strap EB2 as shown under „Grounding straps“. Paint the area with the shielding paints as recommended in the corresponding technical data sheet. After drying, apply a second coat under and around the plate. Let it dry.
  4. For nettings, fleeces: Stick grounding strap EB as shown under „Grounding straps“. Adhere the materials on the area with some overlap as recommended in the corresponding technical data sheets. Our dispersion glue DKL90 is electrically conductive, why there is a low electrical resistance after drying, which is necessary for proper grounding. This also applies to various wallpaper paste, but there is no guarantee on that! Let it dry. Drill out holes again.
  5. Insert dowels and screw down the plate tightly.
  6. Mask the grounding plate, it is not allowed to overpaint it! Overpaint the area with commercial wall paints, wallpapers or use fine plaster as recommended in the corresponding technical data sheets.
  7. Press down the grounding plug tightly. Fix it with a cable tie. Alternatively install own cables 2.5-4 mm² with the included terminal lugs.