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ESR Grounding Set

Grounding set to connect other grounding components and groundable products to (heating) pipes.

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Pipe grounder to connect our grounding components to (heating) pipes. By comparison to commercial pipe clamps without worm drives, this plate can be fixed mechanically stable and unshakeable with the two worm drive clamps. The backside, with a conductive fleece for a safe contact, is notched for typical pipe diameters.

Following of our grounding components can be connected: Grounding set ES for paints / nettings / fleeces, grounding set ESV for fleeces / nettings / canopies, all of our grounding cables EK, etc.

Technical Data

  • Metal plate 70 x 35 x 3 mm with conductive fleece backside
  • 2 worm drive clamps for typical pipe diameters from 12 mm to 25 mm
  • 4 cable fixers
  • 5 m cable 2,5 mm² with 2 grounding plugs (EK500)


Material Application


  1. Put the plate on an unisolated position on the (heating) pipe and screw it down with the both worm drive clamps.
  2. Press down the grounding plug tightly. Fix it with a cable tie.