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ESA Grounding Set

Grounding set for shielding paints in exterior walls and spaces

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The ESW Grounding set is used for shielding paints in exterior application. We recommend to use one ground connecton set ESA (or two sets for added security) per every connected surface!

Technical Data

  • Metal plate 80 x 80 x 3 mm with special conductive fleece backside
  • Waterproof box plus special-glue for glueing to the underground
  • 4 screws & 4 dowels / wall plugs ø 6 mm
  • 20 cm grounding cable 16 mm² with cable lugs and waterproof shrink tubing to lengthen the cable


Material Application


  1. Mounting at an easily accessible position, near to the final ground connection point.
  2. The underground has to be smoothed on 20 x 20 cm with a fine filler (fine mortar) that is suitable for your facade. It is important that the plate has an absolute plane underground for a good contact to the shielding paint. Let the fine filler dry.
  3. Drill 6 mm holes. Make sure you don’t drill cables! Insert dowels.
  4. Paint the area with the shielding paint, as recommended in the corresponding technical data sheet. After drying, apply a second coat under and around the plate. Let it dry.
  5. Screw down the plate tightly. Stick the protective housing around the plate with the enclosed waterproof glue. Use much glue, especially on the cable outlet, that the plate is completely protected against water all around.
  6. Paint the area with waterrepellent facade paints, as recommended in the corresponding technical data sheet.
  7. As required extend the cable end. The enclosed shrink tubing is filled with a glue which sealsthe cable clamps waterproof.
  8. The grounding of facades has to be included in the potential equalization of the building to which the lightning protection systems are connected to as well! Use lightning protection components